Considering Bankruptcy

Whether you have been affected by a job loss, divorce, medical expenses or overwhelming credit card debt, you may find yourself unsure of what your next step should be. Having to confront handling your finances can be a difficult thing to do, but ignoring them can lead to dire consequences. With the help of our caring and dedicated bankruptcy attorney. One of the main purposes of Bankruptcy Law is to give a person, who is hopelessly burdened with debt, a fresh start by wiping out his or her debts.

Great Service

We assist clients with filing for bankruptcy, negotiating a settlement of your debts, assisting you in the defense of collection litigation, and or foreclosure defense. We treat you as a person, not a case number. It is as simple as that. We are a firm that focuses on giving you the best legal service possible. Have all your questions answered during a private and confidential consultation.

Services offered

Maxwell Law Firm represents clients in New York with: bankruptcy court representation, filing for bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, chapter 13 bankruptcy and loan modifications.

Low Bankruptcy Fees

There are no gimmicks, antics, or surprises. We charge a nominal fee charged at the time of your consultation. This fee covers costs that will be applied to your case, should you decide to file bankruptcy. Our office charges an affordable reasonable Attorney’s Fee for assisting you with filing for bankruptcy.

Convenient Locations

Our office is centrally located in New York City, but we service clients in all five boroughs and Long Island. Our two offices offer clients the convenience of meeting face-to-face with an attorney without having to travel far and take time away from their live. We also offer telephone consultations, for people who are unable to make into our offices. To schedule your appointment, you may call 718-701-0095.