We are a New York Debt Relief Agency and Law Firm. Our goal is to assist homeowner’s with keeping their homes and defending against foreclosure.


Evaluation of your foreclosure;

Explanation of the foreclosure process and law;

Evaluation of your finances: Debts / Assets;

Availability of Programs Available to you;

Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ;

Tax Settlement


Banks are required to take certain steps, in the correct order, with the correct timing, in order to have the right to foreclose. Without hiring an foreclosure defense attorney, you may not know whether the bank has done the foreclosure correctly. As foreclosure laws differ from state to sate, a duly licensed and trained New York Foreclosure Defense Attorney who has knowledge of New York Foreclosure Laws to tell you the merits of your case, defense available, and your options.

Other companies may make false promises and say they can save you from foreclosure. Our firm also assists clients with filing for bankruptcy, which definitely stops foreclosure process and may help you in saving home. There are certain actions a bank can take against you after the foreclosure process is complete such as deficiency judgments. These are all things we can discuss during your meeting with our Foreclosure Attorney.

Maxwell Law Firm, represents clients in the New York City Metro in a wide variety of debt cases. In the current economic climate many distressed homeowners have sought refuge in our offices to save there homes due to foreclosure, predatory lending, and or failed loan modification applications. We understand that receiving that notice of default from your bank can be confusing and frustrating. Our firm can assist you with the a foreclosure defense and resolution.


Maxwell Law Firm represents clients in New York with: bankruptcy court, filing for bankruptcy, chapter 7 bankruptcy, foreclosure defense, chapter 13 bankruptcy representation, and loan modifications. Our office is centrally located in New York City. TELEPHONE CONSULTATIONS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE. You may schedule your appointment by calling 718-701-0095.