Moving Violations in New York

Moving violation in New York:


What is moving violation?

A moving violation is any violation of the law committed by the driver of a vehicle while it is in motion. Moving violation is the most serious type of motor vehicle violation which has fatal consequences in terms of physical harm to person and property. It includes speeding beyond permissible limits, disobey traffic control device, use of cell phone while driving, reckless driving, etc. Moving violation is distinct from other motor vehicle violations, such as paperwork violations (which include violations involving automobile insurance, registration, inspection, etc.), parking violations, or equipment violations. Moving violations are generally classified as infractions or misdemeanor with some exceptions of being considered as felonies in extreme cases.

Moving violation in New York:

Like other states in USA, moving violation in New York is also one of the significant threats for the commuters, pedestrians, fellow drivers and last but not the least, concerned regulator and law enforcing agencies. The Traffic Violation Bureau of the DMV deals with traffic tickets for moving violation in New York City or there are tickets answerable to any of the local New York State Traffic Courts throughout the state. Whenever a driver receives a traffic ticket, the best course of action is to deal with the ticket without waste of time.

Traffic tickets for moving violation have different types such as speeding ticket, disobey traffic control device ticket, cell phone ticket, reckless driving ticket, etc.

Traffic Tickets for moving violation may result in scoring punitive license points, increase of insurance premium and even suspension of driver license etc.

New York traffic tickets:

There are three types of traffic tickets in New York. Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) of Department of Motor Vehicle processes tickets for non-criminal moving traffic violations issued in city areas covering Brooklyn, New York, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. However, TVB does not process Traffic tickets that are issued outside Brooklyn, New York, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island. Traffic Tickets issued outside these places are processed in the criminal or traffic court of the city, county, town or village where the alleged offense took place. To answer these types of traffic tickets, contact the court directly. Third category of traffic ticket is one which is received for moving violation in any state except six. Failure to answer this category of ticket leads to suspension of ticket until the ticket is answered. Wherever processed, drivers who received traffic tickets should be very careful to answer the ticket on time to avoid bad consequences i.e. score points, increase premium, suspension of license, etc.

Final words:

Utmost care and vigilance while driving are the prerequisite for a safe driving. Only these virtues would help avoid moving violation vis-à-vis traffic ticket. Even if a traffic ticket is issued against a driver unfortunately, the best course of action should be to plead guilty & pay fine or contest against the ticket in administrative Court with the help of a New York Traffic Attorney provided that there is a prima facie arguable case. One should not contest a traffic ticket because the administrative judge has the authority to increase and decrease the penalty/suspension.

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