Traffic Court in New York

A lot of people take traffic tickets lightly without realizing the kind of consequences they can face for doing so which maybe increase in fines, revocation of license or even an arrest warrant. In such situation one must consider hiring a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer for fair representation in the traffic court.

The time allotted for responding to the ticket is mentioned in the traffic ticket itself, in New York if you fail to respond within the time allotted the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will suspend your license, even after this if someone fails to respond the person receives default conviction of guilty along with another license suspension though the conviction is temporary i.e. one can still pay the fines associated with the license suspension, conviction and then can still plead not guilty. If someone is caught driving with a suspended license they might face additional fines, felony conviction, vehicle confiscation, probation and even prison time.

One may decide to not pay the full amount for the ticket and in that scenario one normally has to appear before a court or judge for getting the charges dropped or at least lessened. There are times when an individual might feel that the traffic ticket has been handed unfairly and plead not guilty to it and in such cases it’s advised that they get a skilled New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

If one has received traffic ticket in New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Suffolk, or Nassau County, their non guilty plea will be handled by Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB), at other locations they can plea at the local courthouse. One can inform TVB through mail, on their website or at their local office for pleading non-guilty; others will have to visit the local courthouse.

Once the individual has informed and received a hearing date from either TVB or the local court, they with the help of their New York Traffic Lawyer can prepare for the case and plead in front of the DMV Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) if their case is handled by TVB or Local court judge. In case the judgment is not favorable for the individual they can also file an appeal by filing Form AA-33 at the TVB website.

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