Will an out of state traffic violation affect my License?

Most people don’t know that a traffic ticket received in other states instead of their home state can also have significant implications on their driving license, driving record points and even insurance premiums. Generally driving on a weekend getaway or for business purpose to some other state, New York residents fail to take the tickets received out-of-state for speeding etc. seriously but it can have negative implications which can only be adequately be resolved by a New York Traffic Ticket attorney.

Getting an out of state ticket might seem unfair sometimes as an individual possibly remember the traffic laws and regulations for each state but the driver must remember that most states in continental United States exchange information regarding traffic violations by drivers who are non-residents. DLC or Driver License Compact is one such agreement between 44 states in which the home state is notified if a resident receives an out of state ticket. Under NVC or Nonresident Violation Compact a home state can launch license revocation proceedings if a driver fails to pay for a ticket received in other states. Moreover NHTSA maintains a database of negligent drivers and while applying for a new or renewing a new license, the home state checks the driver’s credentials in the database, which basically means your New York Driving License might not be renewed the next time its going for renewal because of a driving offence you might have committed quite some time ago, it’s better to consult a New York Traffic Ticket attorney in such circumstances.

If you are not a New Yorker but have received a traffic ticket in the state a  a New York Traffic Ticket attorney can help you in having the charges reduced or in pleading not guilty.

While contesting out of state traffic ticket, some states allow notifying that one is not guilty through the phone or mail but one will still need an attorney to fight the charges. Apart from preparing the case a skilled New York Traffic Ticket attorney or for that matter Traffic Ticket attorney are an authority on traffic laws and vehicle code for the particular state in which ticket has been handed and they can ensure that your case gets a favorable judgment.

Since most of the states exchange information regarding traffic ticket, additional points can be accumulated in the driver’s driving record points and that can increase the insurance premiums, in the long run it helps to hire a New York Traffic Ticket attorney and ensuring that one’s driving record is clean rather than paying high insurance premiums

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