Speeding Tickets in New York

By Kings County Traffic Attorney

Why is speeding a serious traffic offense?

Speeding contributes to a lot of traffic-related deaths in the United States.  Yearly, around 40,000 Americans die because of traffic crashes which are mostly brought about by speeding. In New York, about 30% of deaths due to crashes are brought about by excessive speeding. Cars traveling at higher speeds need more time to stop; they need to travel a greater distance to come to a full stop; and when cars traveling at high speeds crash, the impact is greater the risk of serious injuries and fatalities is also greater.

Penalties for speeding

New York Traffic Ticket Attorney will tell you that getting a ticket for speeding is a serious matter that will reflect upon your driving record. The penalty for speeding includes a fine, surcharge, possible prison time and penalty points.

  • If you drive up to 10mph beyond the posted speed limit, you will be fined between $90-150, get 3 penalty point on your license and you may serve prison time for 1-15 days.
  • If you drive 11mph up to 30mph beyond the posted speed limit, you will be fined between $180- 300, get 3 penalty points (for speeds of 11-20mph over the speed limit) or 4 penalty points (for speeds of 21-30mph over the speed limit) and the possibility of serving prison time for not more than 30 days.
  • If you drive beyond 30mph over the posted speed limit you will be fined $360-600, get 8 penalty points and possibly serve a prison sentence of no more than 30 days.
  • If you drive at an inappropriate speed (below the speed limit), the penalty is a fine of $45-150, and a possible prison sentence of 1-15 days.

Effects of speeding tickets on one’s driving privilege

When a driver receives three speeding tickets within a span of 18 months, the driver’s license will be revoked automatically for a six-month period. Also, if because of speeding tickets and other violations, at least 11 penalty points have been recorded against you your license will be revoked for at least thirty-one days by the DMV.  And if you were involved in a fatal car crash as a result of driving above and beyond the posted speed limit, the DMV may suspend or revoke your driver’s license as well.

All these effects point to the seriousness of speeding as a traffic violation and the lengths that the judicial and administrative systems will go to punish the act and keep drivers who speed off the road.  It is very important, then, that you once you are issued a speeding ticket, you immediately contact a New York Traffic Ticket Attorney who can help you dispute the speeding ticket and avoid having to pay a fine or having penalty points recorded against your driving record.

Effects of speeding tickets on the cost of auto insurance

Most auto insurance carriers base their assumption of risk on your driving record and behavior. Thus, as the number of your speeding tickets and penalty points increase, the risk of a crash increases. The probability that the insurer would have to compensate you will also increase.

The insurer will necessarily have to charge you higher premiums as the risk of you figuring in a traffic accident has also increased.  Your premium payments may increase at a rate that is as low as 3% and as high as 10%.  It is then in your best interest to dispute each speeding ticket that is issued to you instead of simply paying the fine or simply ignoring the traffic ticket. You need a competent New York Traffic Ticket Attorney to help you file a dispute against the traffic ticket issued to you.

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