What you should do if you receive a traffic ticket in Charlotte?

Cabarrus County Traffic Attorney

Ever been in a rush to go some where and roll through a stop light? or drive at increased speed? Well most people have and a few get caught by the police.
While I do not condone breaking the law and speeding or committing any other type of traffic violation, I do believe that your insurance should go up for one mistake. You can not just ignore it. It will not go away. Most states now follow the Driver Responsibility Act; which requires each state to report suspensions and unpaid fines to other DMVs.

What are your options if you receive a speeding ticket
Option # 1 Take time off work and handle it yourself? and take your changes with a district attorney or magistrate?
Option # 2 Hire an Traffic Attorney who can make sure that you receive minimal or no insurance points to affect your insurance rates. In the long run its worth paying an Attorney to save insurance points. Insurance company can surcharge you for points for up to three (3) years after you receive a citation.

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